Printing Marvel HP officejet 5255 review

The convenience of printing brought a revolution in office work. Now, all clerical works can be printed on the paper with productivity. It’s because a printer takes less time and effort to produce files, reports, and any kind of paperwork. Consequently, hp Officejet 5255 review printer has become an essential accessory for an office.

For our readers, we are presenting HP office jet 5255 wireless. It is a printer that can eliminate your office paper hurdles and smooth line the routine work with effortless printing.

We have examined the best HP printer reviews and came to the conclusion that HP office jet 5255 is the best printer 2019 home office. In this article, we will show you the features, pros, cons, and our verdict on the product. So, you must keep reading further for more information. We assure you will get the right knowledge.

Printing Marvel HP Officejet Printer 5255 review

hp officejet 5255 reviewYou can use the HP office jet 5255 manual for instructions and accurate guidelines. But we will tell you the salient features right now. Let’s dive into the detail.


The properties and conveniences of this printer might surprise you. And we are positive that you will not have any trouble using HP office jet 5255 ink. So let’s review all prominent features.

Easy replenish

You will never have to order the ink manually. This printer monitors the ink level continuously. When it is needed to refill the ink, before that, an automatic ink order will be placed. And you will receive the ink supply by courier.

Works with Amazon Alexa

AI is not present in our daily routines. This printer is compatible with AI. You can synchronize it with Amazon Alexa. After that, your voice command will be enough for starting the Hp Officejet 5255 review printer.

Works with Cortana

If you are using Windows search assistant Cortana, then be happy because you can synchronize this printer with Cortana. After that, your tasks will become more organized.

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The design of this printer is compact, and the overall construction is durable. You can place it on a table that already has a computer on it. The weight is a little heavier. But it can be a good looking accessory for the office.

Duplex printing

This printer can print two-sided paper automatically. That’s why you do not have to reposition the paper by yourself. All printing will be done automatically.


This printer allows you to scan any kind of document in your office. You can store the scanned documents on your computer. The overall result of scanned documents is exceptional.


You can fax documents and papers using this printer. In other words, you get a fax machine free of charge when you buy this printer.

ADF capacity

The automatic document feeder is present in this printer, which allows you to store different kinds of paper in the tray. And then, this printer uses them when necessary. This printer can store 35 sheets of paper in the document feeder.


You can connect this printer with your network by using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. It means that no trouble handling cables.

Printing speed

This printer prints papers with stable speed. You can print 10 black and white papers under a minute. The color printing speed is also substantial. You can print 7 color papers in a minute. The overall printing speed is greater than other retail printers.

HP Instant Ink

You will be provided with HP Instant Ink, which is an economic resource for printing. You can save 50% of the ink by using it.


  • AI compatibility is present.
  • Bluetooth connectivity is available.
  • This printer is compatible with both Windows and Mac OS.
  • The automatic document feeder is present, which is convenient during large tasks.
  • Printing speed is greater than other retail printers.


  • It is not a portable printer.
  • Ethernet connectivity is absent.
  • You cannot do mobile printing on it.
  • It is expensive than other retail printers.

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Last verdict

If you want a printer that can work with all computers, then you should buy HP Office jet 5255. It is a remarkable, fantastic, functional, and economical printer. You will save money on the ink, and your printing result will be exceptional. We recommend this printer for a progressive office environment. Have a good day.



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