How to Setup Wi-Fi on Brother Printer

The wireless brother printer setup is one of the core elements of the business activities at the workplace. Doing it in the desired way ensures the availability of your printing machine for official uses and when you feel the need for it. Read the article below to understand all the steps necessary to set up the wifi on the Brother printer.

Brother printer

Along with setting up the configuration of your Brother printer, it is necessary to follow the proper rules and steps for a steady performance. So read below the article and find out all the steps you need to follow if your Brother printer is not connecting to wifi.

Use WLAN to Connect Brother Printer to Wifi

Wondering how to Connect Brother Printer to Wi-Fi? No worries, it does not take much effort. All you need to do is perform a few simple steps to accomplish the task.

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  • Check out the side or base of the access point or wireless router.
  • Now, go through the documentation thoroughly. You will likely find the requisite information linked to the network name and password key on the backside of the access point and wireless router.
  • Set up your Brother printer. For this, detect the power cord and connect it to your Brother printer. Later, connect it to an electronic socket to power it on.
  • Tap the menu button on the control panel of the machine.
  • Next, choose the network using the up and down keys again.
  • Press the arrow keys to choose WLAN and then press OK.
  • Now select setup wizard by tapping the up and down (arrow keys) and hit OK upon the completion of this step.
  • On the screen, you will see a prompt to enable WLAN. Select yes to start the wireless setup wizard.
  • You will get a list of the available networks that are within the range of your printer. Use the navigation keys to adopt your preferred network on the list. Once you have chosen your preferred network, click OK.
  • Later, you need to perform an operation, resting on the authentication method which you have set up. You may either set up an open authentication method or the one which requires a network key. If you happen to have set up the authentication method which necessitates a network key to unlock the profile, enter the key and press OK and then click yes to allow the changes to take place. If the authentication method set up by you is an open system, then move on to the next step.
  • The printer will begin the process of connecting to your chosen wireless network. If the printer connects successfully to the chosen wireless network, a message showing the same will appear on the screen. Also, you will see a message “brother printer not connecting to wifi “corresponding to the failure of the process to your selected Wi-Fi wireless network.
  • Once you are through with these steps, you will be able to Connect Brother Printer to Wi-Fi successfully.


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