Reset Drum Brother Printer

How to Reset Brother Printer Drum

The printer is the most important device at the office and at educational institutions. Most of the document work entirely depends on the printer, so it is important to choose the right printer. Well, for the best quality Printer Brother Corporation printer is on top. The company manufactures advance printers that provide excellent working experience. While dealing with a technical device, a small problem occurrence is common. So many users of the Brother Printer report for Drum error. To help them out, we will discuss a method to reset the Brother Printer Drum Error.

How Do You Reset The Drum On A Brother Printer


What is the Brother Printer Drum Error?

The Brother Drum unit is a different handy unit that you can replace after you use 3 or 4 toner cartridges. The brother printers replace drum error shows that you should buy a new one or if you feel it is not a relevant message than it’s better that you must clean the drum. Well, there are two approaches through which you can reset brother printer drum error, by either resolving it or totally replacing it.

Steps to Reset Brother Printer Drum Error Message

We will now see how we can solve the problem that occurs as a “Drum Error” in Brother Printer. Brother printers have distinct consumables, i.e. the toner cartridge and the drum unit. Make sure you replace merely the drum unit and not the cartridge.

Here are the instructions to reset such irritating drum issue. It is important to read carefully and apply as it is. Do not make any changes while applying on your device.

  • Carefully open the front cover of the device and gently remove the drum unit and toner cartridge assembly from your product.
  • Place the drum and toner assembly properly with the piece of paper in case, if it’s spilled.
  • Also, clean the inner corona wire from the drum unit.
  • Properly slide the green tab from your device if the green tab is not moving to the home position.
  • The printed pages will be vertical stripe down to the page.
  • While repelling the drum and toner cartridge, on the correct side of the drum are two little bits of metal that resemble staples and a metal bar standing out of the side.
  • Tidy up each of these with a tender dry build-up free material.
  • Gently re-install the toner and drum assembly from the device and close the front cover of your printer.
  • Make sure you use the genuine Brother toner and drum to avoid these minor problems.
  • We always suggest using genuine Brother Drum units and toner cartridges.
  • Because of non-genuine parts that may affect your Brother Printer hardware and performance, print quality and machine reliability will be very less.
  • Also, Brother Printer Drum warranty does not affect third party drum units, toner or cartridges.
  • If the user cannot use the new drum, maybe it has not installed a new drum properly.



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