How To Fax With Brother Printer

How To Fax With Brother Printer? Brother is a Tokyo based electronics company that has been in business for over 100 years and holds the distinction of introducing the first high-speed dot-matrix printer in the world back in 1971. Today, Brother offers all-in-one office machines that can send faxes, besides scanning and printing the document. If you have a Brother all-in-one printer, fax, and scanner, you can send faxes in just a few minutes after setting the machine to the proper mode.

How To Fax With Brother Printer

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Setting up the Brother Printer to Fax

To put your Brother machine in Fax Only Mode, follow these steps:

  • (FAX) to illuminate it.
  • Press Menu and choose Fax > Setup Receive > Receive Mode
  • Choose Fax Only
  • Press, OK.
  • Press Stop/Exit. Your Brother machine’s LCD will display the date and “Fax.”

Sending a Fax Using the Automatic Document Feeder

  • Press the “Fax” button to switch the printer to Fax mode. You know you are in Fax mode when the Fax button turns green.
  • Place the document you want to send face-down into the automatic document feeder.
  • Dial the number to which you wish to fax the document. Use the dial pad to enter the number and be sure to enter any necessary area and country codes.
  • Press the “Black Start” button to send black and white fax or the “Color Start” button to send a color fax.

Sending a Fax Using the Scanner

  • Press the “Fax” button to enter Fax mode and then lay the first page of your document onto the scanner glass.
  • Dial the number to which you want to fax the document.
  • Press the “Black Start” button to scan the first page.
  • Press “1” to scan another page. Remove the first page; replace it with the second and press “OK.” Press the “Black Start” button again to scan the second page. Repeat this step for each subsequent page you want to scan.
  • Press “2” to stop scanning pages and fax the document.

Setting Up to Receive Faxes

  • Press, the “Menu” button, select “0” and then select “1” to view the Fax mode screen.
  • Press the arrow keys to select the model you want. Options include Fax Only, Fax/Tel, External TAD and Manual. The mode you need varies depending on your telephone service and how you intend to use the printer. Select “Fax Only” if the telephone line connected to the printer is a dedicated fax line. If you use the line for both faxing and telephone calls, select “Fax/Tel,” and the printer will automatically detect whether the incoming call is from a fax machine or telephone. If you are unsure which model to select, select “Fax/Tel.
  • Press “OK” and then press “Stop/Exit” to finish preparing the Brother printer to receive faxes.

Final Verdict

The Brother Printer is a multifunction printer with customizable faxing capabilities. You can send faxes using either the automatic document feeder or the scanner. Before receiving faxes, set the receiving mode of the device.


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