How to Check Toner Level on a Brother Laser Printer

Printing machines are useful tools for business people. They help to get an instant print of documents, reports, client sheets, and other corporate databases. And so, the printers are one of the essential machines that office workers need. Not only in the office, but today, many home users take the help of a high-quality printer 2D / 3D printers for printing family photographs, sketches, drawings, and other personal works. So it is essential to check the ink levels of the printer to prevent any discomfort during the printing job.

If you have a Brother Laser Printer or copier, you may have a little difficulty determining when you are out of ink. Since the Brother Laser printers usually have four ink cartridges of different colours in each printer, and low ink indicator does not let you know which ones run out of ink, may confuse you. Below is an easy way to find out which of your ink cartridges are low and which ones you need to replace.

  Method – 1

  • Open the Brother Control Center on your computer by clicking on “Start,” “Programs,” and “Brother Control Center.” If you cannot find the program, click on “Start” and then type “Brother Control Center” in the search bar. Click the title to go to the program.
  • Click on the “Device Settings” button once you have opened the Brother Control Center. Here you will get a menu of items for the checking.
  • Click on the icon that says, “Ink Level.” It causes a printer-shaped icon to show up in your taskbar (the bar at the bottom of your computer screen). Click on the printer icon, and you will get a graphic of the ink levels of each of the ink cartridges in your printer. Now you should be able to tell which ones are fine and which ones are low and which ones you need to replace soon.

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Brands like Canon, Epson, Brother, Kodak, etc. have their printer software which comes in an included CD with the printer. Also, you can directly download the printer software from the official website.

  • Power on your Printer and Windows 10 PC.
  • Now, look for the printer software of the brand, i.e., HP, Epson, Canon, Brother, or any other you are using. You can take the help of the search option of Windows 10 (Windows + S key).
  • Check the model name of the printer and then click on it.
  • On the home screen of the printer application, you will see the ink level of the machine.

Final Verdict

Printer ink is necessary and responsible for the shading of text and images on the printing paper. Modern colour printers come with a variety of colour combinations to provide the required print quality and layout.

When there is a shortage of ink, it affects the quality of the print, and in the absence of ink, it is not possible to have a print copy of the machine. So, it is necessary to check the level of ink in the printing machine regularly.

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