The Epson Ecotank Printer Review

It is always wise to ask around for scenarios before making a decision. And when you are going to purchase a printer, then you also need detailed information on the printer; information can include salient features, good qualities, and negative aspects. Moreover,  Epson Ecotank Printer review you will also need an actual user opinion for making the right decision. Today, we present to you the Epson Ecotank Printer review. You can search on the internet and compare our information about Epson Ecotank et-2760 review, which can also benefit you.

Epson Ecotank et-2760 all-in-one super tank printer is not just a printer, but a spinal cord device in an office. So you must read further.

Epson Ecotank Printer Review

Epson Ecotank et-2760 all-in-one printer has intricate features, which we like to elaborate on with detail.


Epson Ecotank et 2760 printer is compact, and its dimensions are 16.4X19.8X10 inches. The paper sheet tray is extendable, which can accommodate 250 sheets. A touch screen is present for manual control, and its functionality is a no-brainer. You can master the printing process in less than a minute. There are also two physical buttons along with ports for USB and other connections.  Epson Ecotank Printer Review

ADF tray supports multiple documents. Moreover, there is a window for ink cartridges. You can monitor the ink without opening the printer.

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Print speed

Epson – Ecotank et-2760 wireless all-in-one printer has an impressive print speed. Some users compared the pace with other retail printers. And they found that it can print 11.5 pages under a minute. At this speed, all necessary documents can be reprinted under an hour. And that ultimately enhances productivity in an office. If you are using it at home, then trust this printer for top-notch productivity.

The color printing is not as fast as black and white printing. But this printer can print two-sided six-page color print in one minute and forty-six seconds.

Copy and scan speed

This printer can also do copy and scanning, which ultimately puts weight in the pan of the printer. It can copy a colored document in 30.4 seconds, which is rather quick as compared to other retail printers.

This printer scans documents rapidly. The experimental results were 12.4 seconds for making a PDF. Moreover, scanning capacity is 300 dpi, which is quite a good number. So, get a good Black Friday deal.

Print quality

When this printer is tested for print quality, then users found relative quality. The black and white printing was sharp and pointy. Additionally, the color copy is also exceptional. You can trust this printer for quality output, which can never disappoint you in your professional line of work.

Ink cost and yield

It is a low-cost printer. The black and white ink can print 7500 pages with one fill. And colored ink can produce 6000 pages with one fill. Hence, you can expect around 40$ for every ink refill.

Software and hardware

This printer needs a driver for Windows operating system. And its equipment is durable and sturdy. You can expect a long haul by this printer.


    • The ink cost is meager.
    • The printing is faster than other printers.
    • The printer does not take much time to start.
    • The duplex printing is quick.


  • The photo printing is sluggish.
  • The color scanning is also sluggish.
  • The touch screen is relatively small.

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Last verdict

If you are looking for an impressive printer, then the Epson printer can fill your space. Its price is quite right, and the printing cost is right under the budget of every office. You can trust this printer for productive output. We recommend it for all average users.


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