Printing Convenience 2021 Canon TS5120 Review

Business is best to run in corporate culture. It is due to the productivity of the office space that every task is completed by employees with the help of technology. Take the example of an annual report or any official report. canon ts5120 review It was researched and compiled by one person. Then it was corrected by another person. After that, its copies were made and delivered. During all this process, computer, scanner, printer, and fax machines were used. After then, a few page report was produced.

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Think about the accessories. And Answer it. Does a company can run effectively without digital accessories. I bet the answer is no. That’s why every office needs necessary equipment like a computer, fax machine, scanner, and printer. And it is super-efficient to having them all in one place. That’s why we bring you the Canon printer

Printing Convenience 2021 Canon TS5120

Canon TS5120 Wireless All-In-One Printer with Scanner and CopierYou will read the Canon Pixma ts5120 review, which will include all the detail. We will present you the features, pros, and cons. So, you can choose the best one for your office or home. So, keep reading for more.


We will show you what this printer has and what can it do for you. We assure you will be receiving Pixma ts5120 ink around the year. Let’s dive into detail.

Easy replenishment

You can set this printer on easy replenish. And then, this printer will monitor the levels of the ink. When it requires the ink changes, then before it, your ink cartridges will be ordered. That’s why you will receive the ink automatically. Hence, your office printing will never stop happening.


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Printing speed

The output may surprise you with 13 black pages in a minute. It means that you can print a book in one hour. This printer prints a color copy of 6” by 4” in 43 seconds. The overall color printing can produce 6.8 pages in a minute.

Ideal for a small office or a home

This printer takes less space and can be accommodated on a table will a computer. Any business office can use it for maximum productivity. It’s because of the printer’s capacity to print various types and sizes of the paper.

Wireless and mobile printing capability

Canon Pixma ts5120 ink will be printed on the pages through wireless connectivity. You can connect a computer and other devices through WiFi. And you can use the Canon app from a smartphone and print pages from your mobile phone. Consequently, you never have to deal with printer cables again.

You can edit and organize your photos

My Image Garden software will be provided with the printer. And then, you can use it to edit your images and organize your photos with respect to layout, sizes, and themes. After that, you can use the printer to print them.

Colour resolution

This printer prints every page with 4800X1200 dot per inch resolution. On a general scale, its super amazing result.

Two individual ink tanks

This Canon TS5120 review is now telling you the mind-blowing fact. You will have two individual ink tanks in the printer. It means that you will never run out of ink when you use both systematically.

Standard paper handling

This printer can accommodate 100 sheets of plain paper and 20 sheets of photo paper.

Connectivity options

Other than wireless connectivity, you can connect this printer with a computer by using a USB port. It means that you can use it in a place where the internet is absent.

Scanner with color CIS

You can enjoy one more utility, which is scanning. This printer can scan color papers with accuracy.

Automatic Power on/off

You never have to worry about shutting down the printer. It will automatically turn off when it is not used. And it automatically powers on when you need to use it.


  • You will receive ink automatically.
  • Print quality is marvelous.
  • Connectivity is automatic after configuration.
  • It has a faster speed of printing plain papers.
  • Greater ink storing capacity.
  • Automatic two-sided printing is possible.


  • It is not a portable printer.
  • The weight is heavier than other retail printers.
  • Creative filters are absent.
  • Bluetooth connectivity is not present.

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Last verdict

After examining all things about this printer, we conclude that Canon TS5120 is a remarkable, fantastic, desirable, and essential accessory for a business office. If you want to use it at home, then you will spend your money on the right thing. Have a good day.



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