Canon TS202 Inkjet Photo Printer review

Are you looking for a portable and reliable inkjet photo printer that doesn’t cost a fortune? If yes, you are in the right place because this Canon TS202 Inkjet Photo Printer review is here to the rescue.

Canon inkjet printers have been in the picture since 1985 and are effortlessly supporting home, and office printing needs since then. This canon TS202 hybrid printer is the latest addition in the brand’s portable product line, and it’s a hit because of its impressive printing quality.

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Canon TS202 Inkjet Photo Printer

This easy-to-carry printer will save your time and make you independent of those clumsy prints as well. Smart printing with minimum hassle is achievable when you have the best printer at home/office.

This high-tech printer produces sharp fonts, vivid colors, and well-defined shapes altogether because of its hybrid ink cartridges. If you are tired of seeing blurry photos or smudged words, do yourself a favor and bring home an efficient printer.

canon ts202 inkjet photo printerFrom school projects to office presentations, this printer is made to accompany all tasks. So, let’s get deeper into this best canon printer review and test if it’ll suit your needs or not.


  • Media capacity: 60 sheets
  • Media sizes: 8.5×11, 4×6, 5×7, and 8×10
  • Maximum resolution: 4800×1200 DPI
  • Photo sizes: 4×6 inch
  • Maximum speed: 4 IPM
  • Number of nozzles: 1280
  • Weight: 5.51lbs
  • High-resolution prints
  • Portable size
  • Easy-to-operate
  • Quick refilling
  • 1-year warranty
  • No USB cord included

Manual set-up required

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The canon TS202 printer is designed to produce high-quality photos and prints without taking much time.

When you have to print photos, this smart printer offers a speed of 4 inches per minute, which is incredible given its size.

However, this printing speed can reach 7.5 IPM on a black and white paper. When you have to print documents and presentations for a project, this printer will ensure that nothing stays blurry or incoherent.

Its easy-to-set rear input tray can hold 60 sheets of plain paper and 20 sheets of the photo paper. When you have to do bulk printing, your Canon PIXMA TS202 inkjet printer will provide fast and efficient results.

This printer will be ready for installation right out of the box without any required tool. You can unpack, plug, connect, and start printing amazing photos; it’s that simple.

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Thanks to its compact and lightweight body, you can quickly relocate your printer without thinking much.

For example, if you need a printer to relocate between your home and office, this Canon PIXMA TS202 is your buddy.

Its fine printhead has 1280 nozzles that deeply engrave the colors and produce incredible results.

The hybrid inks produce vivid and bright colors that are hard-to-find in other printers of the same category.

Also, since this printer is compatible with the XL ink cartridge, it’ll accompany you for long without asking for a refill.

The rear-facing tray and ink suppliers are easy-to-access so that you can quickly refill the supplies. This small printer is the best match for seamless operating, as using this is always easy.

If this is your first-time purchase of an inkjet printer, you’ll surely love the results and easy assembly of your canon TS202 buddy.

If you cannot make time to check if your printer is working fine every time, go for Canon PIXMA TS202 because it’s always ready to print high-resolution graphics.

This printer comes with auto on/off feature, which saves energy when it’s on standby. Your canon TS202 will be on standby after you’re done printing, and when you have to resume the process, it won’t waste your time.

You can print to 4800×1200 DPI photos with this handy printer; a feature that makes it a class apart.

No need to run to a store for your important contests/projects; use your canon TS202 and print professional graphics at home.

Your canon TS202 printer will be compatible with both Windows and MAC, making it an all-in-one solution.

Whether you print your digital creations or want to make party invites at home, Canon PIXMA TS202 will have your back.

Also, you won’t have to bear that annoying voice which mot printers make. You can select the mute mode and work in peace.

To top it all, canon also offers a 1-year warranty with this economical printer so that you can buy with confidence.

You can even move this printer in a briefcase when its rear sheet tray is closed, something which is hard-to-find. Whether you relocate for work or operate remotely, having this fine-tuned printer will feel like a blessing for sure.

Canon gadgets are always economical and able-to-do-the-job; this one is no exception. You’ll get value for the money once a TS202 printer is with you.

One downside of this Canon TS202 inkjet printer is the absence of USB cord in. You’ll either have to order it separately or buy from a local store to get started.



Having a printer not only makes your work desk complete but also saves you the hassle of running to the printing room. Canon PIXMA TS202 inkjet printer is a reliable solution for teachers, students, and photography lovers alike, thanks to its incredible quality.

From a plain black and white document to a 4800×1200 DPI image, this small fellow performs exceptionally in every task.

So, if you wish to invest without risking a lot, go for the Canon TS202 printer and tick one item off your checklist for your office/home office.


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