Canon Selphy CP1200 Review – Best Compact Photo Printer

Canon Selphy CP1200 Review provides you basic information about product features and other details to buy the best printer for your needs. Planning to buy a portable photo printer shouldn’t be that hard. Of course, you wish to buy the best machine and do know much about it, but we have made this problem easy by going through all the trouble of finding an ideal compact photo printer that will cater to all your needs and suit your surroundings perfectly. So let’s have a look below about the Canon Selphy CP1200 Review.

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Canon Selphy CP1200 Review about printer has an amazing compact photo printer that is wireless and has all the features you’re looking for in the device. You must be wondering why we feel that way. Well, let us tell you why with this piece, we have piled up for your ease. After reading this, we surely believe you’ll want to buy the printer for your workplace or home.

Canon Selphy CP1200 Review Wireless Compact Photo Printer – Best Compact Photo Printer

Portable tech devices are known for carrying trade-offs in either its price or performance. The same goes true with compact and portable snapshot printers that tend to come with high printing costs. Also, they don’t offer the same printing quality you get from a full-size photo printer.

Canon Selphy CP1200 Review
SELPHY CP1200 Black Wireless Compact Photo Printer

Portable printers emerge as a popular revolution in technology. They can be taken with you, almost anywhere you go. They eliminate the need for capturing photos and then handing out a print of them. It hasn’t been around nearly as long as instant photo cameras since Canon started producing its revolutionary Selphy printers.  However, this series has been working as the backbone of the photo printer for more than a decade now.

The printer released in 2016, the Selphy CP1200 compact, is the Best Canon Printer with the latest iteration of the series, which can also be known as an update to the Selphy CP900. For instance, it has Wi-Fi connectivity for the user, as a replacement for Wi-Fi Direct protocol. And it includes new print layout options that are accessible from the onboard menus and Canon’s free app for both Android and iOS devices. Even though the Selphy CP1200 isn’t everyone’s photo printer for everyday use, it serves well in terms of its particular niche.

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Sleek Design

Canon Selphy CP1200 Review about designs. This portable printer has an almost similar design of sibling Selphy versions like CP900 and CP910; however, it tends to be slightly heavier and larger than previous models. The Selphy CP1200 has an in-built 2.7inch tilt LDC screen to help you preview the snapshots before sending them to print. It shows the images with excellent saturation and colors. You can tilt it up approximately 60 degrees to get a better viewing angle.

With 1.9 pounds weight, this portable printer is 2.5 inches high, 7.1 inches wide, and 5.4 inches deep. These dimensions are without the battery, which is though lightweight and small and doesn’t make much physical difference when added or not.

The Selphy CP1200 can be used as a stand-alone printing device that is attached to a computer, or you can also access its functions from a range of buttons given on the onboard menu system.  You can adjust the color, sharpness, and brightness of photos or opt for the auto-correct option to get the printout.

The device has a brick-shaped large AC adapter, which is 2.5 inches wide, 5.2 inches deep, and 1.3 inches high. When using the printer on-the-go, you can use the optional battery in lieu of the AC adapter to get an average of 54 printed photos.

The Selphy CP1200 printer comes with an insert-loaded paper tray that can be placed in front of the device. While these joined parts make a considerable volume of bulk, the tray is flat enough to be easily packed along with the unit and the optional battery.

There is a Wi-Fi button to accompany push-buttons for Wi-Fi Protected Setup (also known as WPS connections).  It comes with an optional battery capacity that is rechargeable and allows you to 54 photos in a single charge.

How To Set Up The Printer

This Canon printer includes a straightforward setup and use.  However, it needs you to be careful about how you place the heap of exclusive photo papers into the provided paper tray. The right way is to insert the paper is doing it with the glossy side up, and it will get entered into the lower part of the slot. Here you will also find an upper portion of the slot on the top of the paper tray, which is basically a route for the printed photo to emerge.

The setup also requires inserting an ink-ribbon cassette into the device, which is given with the numerous sets of photo papers offered by Canon. The printer doesn’t include any software or CD ROM, and so. You need to download the printer drivers from a given URL. Subsequently, you will choose from Wi-Fi or USB connectivity options. This is an easy process which usually encounters no issues with either connection options.

How Well The Device Performs

At a price tag of under $90, the Selphy CP1200 is one of the Best Portable Photo Printers available on the market these days. It produces high-quality and excellent-looking photos. Photos printed from this printer are water-resistant and long-lasting, though these aren’t as good as you get from a full-size photo printer.

The Selphy CP1200 has a dye-sublimation print engine to produce variations in photo printing sizes such as L size, card, and postcard. The printing, as mentioned earlier, the technology works differently from inkjet technology. It uses a thermal process that allows the printer to transfer the ink from a ribbon to a special paper.

The printer has a much slower printing speed than inkjets. It prints postcard sized photos in 41 seconds, 39 seconds for L-size prints and 27 seconds for a credit card print with its dye-sublimation print engine. It uses 300 X 300 DPI resolution and 256 shades of each color to produce excellent quality images.

Connectivity Options

With this portable printer, you can print any photos using a USB computer cable, Wi-Fi Access Mode, and an onboard SD card slot. Apart from that, you can also use a PictBridge connection to the same avail productivity. Since the Selphy CP1200 is mainly a wireless printer, it supports Canon’s printing app for both android and iOS devices as well as allows iPhone or iPad users to print their photos via AirPrint.

Supported Media Types

This portable printer goes compatible with various media types so you can avail the best out of your photo printing. It supports photo paper, labels, postcards, cards, square stickers while you can use different media types for printing such as 2 in x 2 in, 2.1 in x 3.4 in, and 3.9 in x 5.8 in.  Furthermore, you can produce a high-quality picture for your ID card or passport or print eight small stickers at a time. You can even print your photos on a postcard stamp. It is perfect for printing Instagram and Facebook images with little creativity for all paper types.

Compatible Operating Systems

To use the Selphy CP1200, you will need to have a compatible operating system on your device (mobile phone, tab, or computer). The printer offers support for numerous operating systems such as Apple Mac OS x 10.8 – 10.11, Android, Windows 8 & 8.1, Microsoft Windows 7, Microsoft 7 SP1, Microsoft Windows RT, Microsoft Windows Vista SP1, Microsoft Windows Vista SP2,  and Microsoft XP (32 bit).

Main Functionalities

Nothing beats the pleasure you get from printing your photos with the Canon Selphy CP1200 Review photo printer. It’s, indeed, so much fun to use. The printer has a compact design and optional battery, which go perfectly well with numerous ways to print your favorite photos wirelessly.

  • Multiple Apps Support

 the printer allows you to print your photos wirelessly right from your mobile devices, tabs, and laptop. To make it possible, it supports different printing apps such as Canon PRINT Inkjet/Selphy app for Android and iOS devices and AirPrint for Apple iPhones and iPods.

  • Wi-Fi Connectivity

The Selphy CP1200 photo printer enables you to print your photos via a wireless network easily. It comes with a dedicated Wi-Fi button so you can effortlessly connect to the printer and enjoy printing.

  • Dye-sublimation Technology

The Selphy CP1200 printer includes dye-sublimation technology to produce the best quality prints. This technology utilizes the heat for transferring the ink to the paper and can reproduce approximately 16.8 million colors for both monochrome and color prints. Using the dye-sublimation technology, you can easily print your favorite content from your social media accounts, including Facebook and Instagram from your mobile phone or tab and the Canon PRINT Inkjet and Selphy app.

  • Selphy Ink and Paper Kit

Printing photos requires you to avoid wastage since it usually goes costly. With this portable printer, you get Selphy Ink and paper kit with exactly enough for all to print 18, 36, or 54 snaps depending on your requirements. This way, you not only save on money but also avoid dealing with unnecessary worries.

  • Multiple Ways to Print

With this portable printer, you can print your photos with numerous connectivity options. It allows you to take advantage of Wireless PictBridge and Wi-Fi and use your USB flash drives or memory cards to avail the same.

  • Borderless Printing

Having borders around your favorite picture is really annoying. The Selphy CP1200 photo printer eliminates the unwanted white edges around your images and allows you to get border-free photos in a matter of seconds.   

  • Wireless Printing

The Canon enables you to have your hands-on creativity with its Selphy printers. The CP1200 offers portability with stylish features to print your photos wirelessly. It’s particularly intended for on-the-go photo printing, letting you capture your memories wherever you go.

  • Easy Photo Customization

Using this portable printer, you get the opportunity to customize your favorite pictures with an assortment of effects and exclusive borders to get a very personalized look. Apart from this, the image optimization and color adjustment of editing tools help you improve the vibrant colors and other detailing of your images.

Also, there is a portrait Image option that optimally corrects your images where faces or main subjects tend to go dark because of strong backlighting. Above all, it automatically corrects your images for red-eyes due to camera flash and enhances them to ensure defect-free, amazing prints. Furthermore, it allows you to avail a range of dimensions such as square label (2.0″ x 2.0″), postcard (3.9″ x 5.8″) or card size (2.1″ x 3.4″)

  • Additional Protection

The Selphy photo printer series is known for its added layer of protection for your photos. It uses a clear protective coating that aims at safeguarding your photos against damaging elements such as dirt, dust, or water.

  • Specifications
Printer type
Compact Photo Printer
Preview Screen
7" inch tilt screen
Unit Color
7.1 inches (W), 5.4 inches (D), 1 inches (h)
30.4 oz.
Printing Technology
Dye Sublimation
Printer Output
Borderless Printing
Duplex Printing Enabled
Wireless Compatibility
802.11 b/g/n
Printing resolution
300 x 300 Dots per image
Print Media Type
Plain paper, labels
Total Media Capacity
18 sheets
Max Printing Speed
0.6 2.1 in x 3.4 in and 0.8 min per page (3.9 in x 5.8 in)
Operating System compatibility
Mac and Windows
Supported Connectivity Technologies
wireless, wired, Wi-Fi, USB interface and USB host
Required Connector Types
4 pin USB Type A, Type USB, and USB host
Supported Flash Memory Cards
SDXC Memory Card, SD Memory Card, and SDHC Memory Card

The Likable And Not So Likable At A Glance

Why to Buy Canon Selphy CP1200 Compact Printer


What We Like

  • The Conon Selphy CP1200 wireless printer produces the best quality photo prints.
  • It is lightweight and very compact even after adding the optional 54-photo capacity battery.
  • This Best Printer has a large tilt-up LCD screen for your ease to configure your printing and other important settings.
  • It includes a built-in SD card slot as well as a USB slot.
  • This canon printer has numerous connectivity options to ensure maximum connectivity such as Wi-Fi, USB, and so forth.
  • You can print your favorite photos directly from your Android and iOS devices.


What We Don’t Like

  • The Canon Selphy CP1200 compact printer has a high per-page cost for printing photos every time.
  • It offers less print permanence than those prints you get from inkjet printers.
  • Its battery option is comparatively costlier than other similar devices.

What We Think About The Device

There are many things to like about the Conon Selphy CP1200 wireless printer. Being able to produce brilliant printing results, being light in weight, SD card slot along with a USB slot all are features one looks for in a great device. Plus, some added extras will make you want to buy the device instantly.

Our Final Word

This canon printer produces high-quality 4×6 inch photos, labels, and credit card-sized prints at a sensible printing speed. It tends to be an ideal choice for those who are looking for a portable snapshot printer with an optional rechargeable battery. The device produces amazing quality, which is comparable to photo lab prints. The only drawback of the Canon Selphy CP2100 photo printer is the cost for both the consumables and the hardware.  The printer allows you to print your favorite photos within 47 seconds. The printed photos are water-resistant and can last up t0 a century, enabling you to share them with generations. Though it has comparatively high per print costs, it is still considered as one of the best photo printers with a compact and lightweight design and wireless connectivity convenience.


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