Canon S900 Review The Fastest Photo Inkjet Printer

Canon S900 Review definitely provides you value and gets the right product for your personal use.  Photo printers are emerging a massive demand across the world, as many people are attracting to digital photography. With the emergence of numerous printer brands, you can quickly get a perfect printer that uses the latest technology and is super-fast to produce the professional quality of photos within no time, from the convenience of your home.

Canon S900 – The Fastest Photo Inkjet Printer

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Canon S900 Review
Canon S900 Photo Inkjet Printer

Canon is known for producing specialized photo printers that make a perfect choice for keeping things as simple as possible in addition to produce lab-quality results. The s900 photo inkjet printer by Canon presents a perfect mix of speed, precision, and quality. It uses inkjet technology, a 6-ink system, and 2400 x 1200 dpi resolutions to print exceptional photos and images. Furthermore, its smart and advanced features together make it an ideal option for printing all kinds of photo printing on a range of media types.

Design and Setup Canon S900 Review

At 13 pounds, the Canon s900 Inkjet Printer comes with a modest footprint of 17.4 x 12.8 inches in size. It has only two buttons: one is the power switch, and the second is the “resume or form feed” button. The rest is automatically controlled through built-in software.

The printer has a conventional inkjet printer design that makes use of a top-loading paper path by a comparatively small angle of turning for the paper to negotiate. It has a bottom paper drawer that has the capability to get reduced in size and folded up to save your desk space while its top paper rest acts as a hook-on addition.

The device has one hinged piece in the form of its top case, which can also be used to access the print head, ink tanks, and the platen when lifted. Overall, the printer has an aesthetic look and a manageable weight.

The printer is very easy to set up and connects to a device using an easy-to-use USB port and a bundle of appropriate software programs. In order to help you get the most out of this printing gadget, each box of the printer includes the user guides and appropriate drivers like ImageBrowser for Mac OS, PhotoRecord, and ZoomBrowser for PC and PhotoStitch which is equally compatible for PC and Mac).

Performance Review Canon S900

The s900 is meant to bring along an amazing combination of fast and quality printing and precise detailing of your photos and graphics with accurate colors and background. It is capable of producing a borderless 4x6inch print in about 37 seconds and an impressive 8x10inch print in about 60 seconds. This printing speed makes Canon S900 the Best Buy Printer Choice for Fastest Canon Printer.

The printer features a bubble-jet-style printing head containing 3,072 nozzles, which makes use of Canon’s Microfine Droplet technology. Hence, you obtain professional-quality crispy text and images with accurate detailing and vibrantly rich colors. The printer utilizes up to 2400 x 1200 dots per inch high resolution of printing and 49 gradation levels in order to produce your photo looking bright, clean, and lifelike.

The device includes an efficient system of 6 ink tanks that ensures maximum convenience by letting you economically replace just the color tanks used most. This way, you not only prevent resource wastage but also cut down on the cost.

You can set the printer for border-free 4×6-inch photo printing to get professional-looking and edge-to-edge pictures on a large number of media sizes and types, including fabric transfers, transparencies, photo cards, and lots more.

The printer doesn’t allow you to set its DPI resolution yourself. Instead, you get a slider-type control that lets you choose between lower resolution with faster printing and fine resolution and slower printing.

The s900 makes use of a screen-type halftone with photo paper pro. However, it allows you to choose a different media type using an error diffusion mode and other kinds of dithering.

Paper Handling

Even though the s900 does a fantastic job in ensuring flawless photo printing with no paper jam or other similar issues, it is not perfect in paper handling. It features an input paper drawer with the capacity to accommodate up to 100 sheets of paper as heavy as 17lbs. Unlike previous models, the s900 doesn’t need detachable plastic support to use with photo paper pro media. However, it lacks the secondary single sheet feed slot at the front, which could be used with a thicker media type.

Media Types and Sizes Support

The Canon s900 review about media types is meant to offer a great deal of photo printing, and so is capable of printing on most media types made to accommodate graphics, images, and photos. These include plain paper, glossy photo papers, banner papers, glossy photo cards, envelopes, high-resolution paper, iron-on transfers, high-gloss photo film, photo paper pro, photo paper plus glossy for borderless printing, T-Shirt transfers, and transparencies.

Canon s900 - The Fastest Photo Inkjet Printer
Canon s900 – The Fastest Photo Inkjet Printer

Also, it supports a variety of media types in order to help you meet different printing requirements. Therefore, you can use Legal (8.5in x 14in), Letter A Size (8.5in x 11in), A4 (8.25in x 11.7in), A5 (5.83in x 8.25in), B5 (6.93in x 9.83in), Cards / Labels US# 4 x 6 Card  or 4 in x 6in and envelope sizes such as US No 10 (4.1in x 9.5in) and international DL (4.33in x 8.66in).

In addition, the Canon s900 printer notifies you if it detects a wrong paper type chosen to print. Since the printer only supports Photo paper pro media types, it may ask for combining the setting. While this feature may sound irritating for some users, it’s considerably important to prevent from wasting time, papers, and money.

Compatible Operating Systems

The s900 printer offers maximum compatibility with most PC versions and a few Mac models. Some of the compatible operating systems include Microsoft Windows 8, Microsoft Windows 8.1, Microsoft Windows 98, Microsoft Windows 2000, Microsoft Windows XP, Microsoft Windows ME, and Mac OS 8.6 and later, and Mac OSx v10.1 to 10.2x.

Main Features

The s900 photo printer is meant to deliver outstanding printing quality to your home desktop with maximum convenience and affordability. Despite a few shortcomings, most of its features are useful and make it genuinely valuable.

  • Bubble-Jet-Style Printing Head

Thanks to the latest technological modernization, the Canon s900 photo printer is acclaimed as one of the highest performing photo printers of the present era. It has a sophisticated print head featuring 3,072 nozzles that make it possible to print faster with greater detailing. Using this device, you can get a beautiful 4×6-inch border-free color print as quickly as 37 seconds. Also, it lets you enjoy a spectacular 8.5 x 11-inch photo print in about 60 seconds that can easily challenge those photos you get from a professional photo workshop. Above all, the photos produced from Canon s900 are meant to retain their supreme quality and vibrancy for the next 25 years.

  • Canon’s Microfine Droplet technology

Canon’s MicroFine Droplet Technology is a perfect mix of brand-new achievements in ink droplet size, ink composition, unswerving droplet quality, and perfect ink application. The s900 photo printer utilizes all these attributes via this technology that ultimately results in superior printing resolution with up to 2400 x1200 dots per inch and 49 levels of gradation. This way, the printer ensures providing you wonderful detailing, original color imitation, and reduced graininess in printed photos.

  • Canon Think Tank System

The s900 photo printer comes with the original Canon Think Tank System. It is, basically, a six-ink tank with one tank for each color, making it easy for you to replace the only color that runs out, instead of replacing the entire cartridge. Furthermore, it features an exclusive optical low-ink sensor to notify you through an off-screen message when an ink tank starts running low, so you get enough time to replace it before it runs out completely.

  • Complete Packaging

With the s900 photo printer, you get everything you will need to get it set up and stated, including the software, printer drivers, and electronic product registration. In addition to appropriate drivers and a user guide, each packaging of the Canon s900 comprises a sample paper pack, a power cable, and a one-year warranty card which equally covers Instant Exchange service, covering parts as well as service.

  • Borderless Printing

It was the first time when Canon offered borderless photo printing with its s900 photo printer. This feature is designed to produce prints without white-colored margins or borders around printed content such as pictures, images, or text. When you select the borderless mode with s900, it driver notifies you that it will need to enlarge the photo, making it slightly overlap the paper. This usually indicates that printing quality may get affected to some extent when the selected media type picks up some of the ink for its edges.

  • Special Effects

With canon s900 photo printer, you get an assortment of special effects such as printing with one color of your choice, or sepia mode. Its image optimizer mode works as an interpolation filter for reducing pixel in small or low-quality photos. Furthermore, it includes photo optimizer pro, which helps adjust colors and contrast to enhance the printing quality. Then, there is an option to adjust brightness, intensity, and color manually.

  • Quiet Mode

On the whole, the s900 printer is very quiet; however, its two functions tend to break the tranquility occasionally. First is “fast form feeding,” which whines noticeably, and another is print head cleaning, which causes odd clunking and makes click-type sounds during the process. However, Canon has provided a solution to this problem by providing a quiet mode, which is used to limit the noisier functions of the device, including those involved in periodic head cleaning.

Pros & Cons at A Glance

Generally speaking, the Canon S900 Review is a fantastic printing device to give lifelike image quality that does extremely well to satisfy your passion for digital photography. Like any product, it does hold some pros and cons, including the following.


  • The canon s900 photo printer produces professional-lab quality prints at an unread speed and affordable price.
  • Its 6-ink Think Tank system makes it simple for you to replace just the color running low rather than the entire ink.
  • Its low-ink sensor notifies you when you are running low in ink, so you get enough time to get a new one.
  • The photo printer uses Canon’s Microfine Droplet technology to produce photos with 100% accuracy and detailing.
  • Its packaging includes everything needed to ensure its quick setup and use.
  • This sophisticated printer has a very simple, easy, and quick set up.


  • The printer only supports USB 1.1 connectivity, which somehow disappoints users with mobile printing or USB 2.0.
  • It doesn’t support printing from mobile phones or other smart devices.
  • It lacks the second rear feed flat paper path to accommodate thicker media.
  • The printer has a one-year limited hardware and service warranty.


General Specifications
Printer Type
Personal Inkjet Photo Printer
Interface Required
Connector Type 4 pin USB Type B
Total Qty
17.4 in (w) , 12.6 in (d), 7.3 in (h)
12.79 lbs.
Consumables Included
Color black, cyan, magenta, photo cyan, photo magenta, yellow
Printing Technology
Printing Speed (Monochrome Draft)
Up to 7 Pages Per Minute (PPM)
Printing Speed (Color Draft)
Up to 7 Pages Per Minute (PPM)
Printing Speed (Black, Normal)
Up to 5.7 Pages Per Minute (PPM)
Printing Speed (Color, Normal)
Up to 4.2 Pages Per Minute (PPM)
Printing Speed (Photo A4)
Up to 1 Pages Per Minute (PPM)
Printing Resolution (Monochrome)up to 2400 x 1200 dpi
Printing Resolution (Colorup to 2400 x 1200 dpi

Minimum System Requirements

Minimum System Requirements 
Min RAM size
128 MB
Min Hard Drive Space
100 MB
Operating System Required
Apple MacOS X, Apple MacOS 8.6 or later, Apple MacOS 9.x, Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition, Microsoft Windows 98/ME and Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional / XP Professional.

Final Verdict

The Canon S900 Review photo printer aims at delivering exceptional quality printing at unheard speed and unbelievable accuracy. It’s not only very fast and easy to use but also is a very quiet printing device with inkjet printing technology. Although the printer has a few shortcomings in the form of limited connectivity options and a lack of rear paper feed slot, it’s very easy to maintain with fairly common maintenance options. In short, the canon s900 is the Best Canon Printer for those who want to obtain professional-quality photo printing at affordable prices.

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