Canon Lasers Imageclass D1550 Specs and Features

Canon Lasers Imageclass D1550 Review – Best Printer for Enterprise

Canon Lasers Imageclass D1550 Wireless Monochrome Printer with Scanner, Copier & Fax: the Best MFP for Enterprise High Value

Most monochrome printers by Canon may seem unappealing and off-putting. Even their multifunction devices that come as extravagantly proficient and fully featured as they maybe, are outshone by everything else that the name of “Canon” shows.Canon Lasers Imageclass D1550 Review

Canon’s Lasers Imageclass D1550 Wireless Monochrome Printer was released in 2016 with the intention to serve as a laser MFP for small and home based offices or businesses. With several updates and new features, it is The Best Canon Printer for those who need both high-speed faxing capabilities and lots of papers loaded into the machine simultaneously.

The D1550 has a good reputation in the series of monochrome multifunction printers in term of quality output and fast speed. A MFP, by definition, is capable of performing several other functions besides printing such as copying, scanning and faxing capabilities so you can accomplish all necessary tasks with a single machine.  However, the printer comes with a key caveat that can be defined through its purchase price and cost per-page (CPP).


With 18.6 inches front to back, 17.7 inches side to side, and 18.3 inches from top to bottom, the ImageClass D1550 weighs 47.2 pounds.  Even though, the aforementioned dimensions make it unsuitable as a desktop printer, its semi-bulky size goes well for a business or office workhorse.  In fact, its design and internal paper handing don’t need an excessive volume of space; also it’s a good MFP to be used as a personal printer as long as you are okay with sharing your desk space with a tall and whirring giant.

The ImageClass D1550 includes a 3.5 inch touchscreen LCD display with a control panel containing various settings buttons.  You can set up printing, copying and other types of PC-free or walkup tasks using this screen. Walkup tasks with this unit include printing or scanning to USB thumb drives, and are usually never prearranged in any monochrome multifunction printer.

The printer has this USB port located on the left side of the output tray. Also, it has NFC hotspot located on the left portion of the control panel, which is used to print straight from your compatible Android phone over a connection, without needing a router or network connection.

The MFP also features legal-sized platen glass for copying and scanning a host of different paper sizes. The machine is eco-friendly, and comprises all the modern features such as wireless connectivity, mobile printing, Google Cloud convenience, and numerous business security options.


Most printers, in present time, come with an easy setup so does the D1550. Still, as a relatively large machine, the hardest part of getting its setup done can be taking it out of the box.  Though, it is not beastly weighty, it is solid enough to make a challenge of lifting it above waist height for most users.


Speed wise, the D1550 rates at 35 ppm (pages per minutes) in simplex mode while it can produce 17 printouts in duplex mode. Here, 17 two- sided pages means you get 34 actual printed page side. In some cases, documents with the blend of text, photos and graphic are printed at the rate of 10.2 PPM in one-sided printed mode. Similarly, these numbers plummet to about 5.9 PPM for two-sided pages. This happens because any type of colored graphics or images takes time to convert into gray scale.

The D1550 prints sharp looking text, all the way down to 6 points. Also, it produces good quality business graphics like bar charts and efficiently converts images to gray scale. Plus, it has a good scanning, faxing and copying results. However, this machine can’t make color copies of any originals but it comes with the capability to save color scans.

Additionally, this business centric device comprises a password- protected section for ID management which is designed to help businesses control their device usage for up to 300 IDs while its Secure Print feature helps you keep sensitive and confidential business documents safe and protected.

Paper Handling

The printer has a 500-sheet main paper cassette, and a 50-sheet output tray for loading envelopes and other odd-sized media without dropping off and reconfiguring the main tray. The output tray is located behind a flip-down door on the front side. Both the trays accept 8.5 x 14inches or legal size as maximum paper size.

Like most models in ImageClass lineup, the D1550, is expandable, and allows you to add another 500-sheet cassette if needed. Additional cassettes are not given in the printer box, and so can be purchased separately.

With a 50-sheet Automatic Document Feeder (ADF), the MFP aids the functionality to bridge both classes, no matter if you are printing with a computer or mobile phone or copying originals with its scanner.

Supported Media Types & Sizes

Canon Lasers Imageclass D1550 Specs and Features

The ImageClass D1550 supports various media types and sizes so you can obtain versatility in your printing tasks.  It allows you to print with plain paper, postcards, heavy weight paper, labels, cards and recycled papers and get professional-quality output results. Moreover, it supports A4 (8.25in x 11.7), A5 (5.83in x 8.25in), B5 (6.93in x 9.83in), Letter A Size (8.5in x 11in), Legal (8.5in x 14in), Executive (7.25in x 10.5in) and statement (5.5in x 8.5in). Apart from that, it supports various envelop sizes including international C5, (6.38in x 9in), Com-10 (4x13in x9.5in), International DL (4.33in x 8.66in) and Monarch (3.87in x 7.5in).

Connectivity Options

The D1550 has multiple connectivity options for your ease in performing your daily office tasks. It supports Wi-Fi, Ethernet as well as a USB-to-PC connection that can be established through a printer cable. Also, it has a NFC communication hotspot which allows you to print directly from your device without involving a network or router.

Alternatively, it supports Wi-Fi Direct to enable a peer-to-peer connection that works without a router and lets you print or scan without the hassle of joining the local network. However, Internet and LAN connections are needed in order to use the D1550 MFP to print content from your mobile phone.

Compatible Operating Systems

Operating system compatibility is important to ensure numerous functionalities do well in an office based environment. Canon Lasers ImageClass D1550 Wireless Monochrome printer understands this importance and goes compatible with numerous operating systems. These include Microsoft Windows 7, Microsoft Windows 8, Microsoft Windows 8.1, Microsoft Windows Vista, Microsoft Windows Server 2008, & 2008 R2, Microsoft Windows Server 2003 R2, Microsoft Windows 10, Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2, Microsoft Server 2012, Android iOS, and  Apple Max OS x 10.6 or later.

Main Features

The ImageClass D1550 is fully loaded with basic and advanced features so you obtain maximum convenient in performing your daily office tasks.

  • NFC Technology

The ImageClass D1550 features a NFC technology that enables you to effortlessly touch and print from your mobile devices running on Android.

  • USB Printing

It allows USB direct printing so you can directly print any content from and scan to your USB flash drive in various file formats such as tiff, PDF and JPEG.

  • Mobile Solutions

Canon has brought mobile solutions through a range of its MFPs.  No matter, what content type you choose to print from your compatible mobile phone, nothing beats the quality and convenience, the ImageClass D1550 offers you.

Best Printer for Mobile Printing

The device features NFC technology letting you easily swipe and print from your smart devices running on Android.  Plus, it enables you to scan originals with Canon PRINT Business app on your mobile.

Furthermore, the device supports Apple AirPrint for users with iPhones, iPods, and iPads. You can also print directly from your emails or Google Docs using Google Cloud Print option. Likewise, there is Mopria Print service so you can print to and scan from the printer to compatible android or iOS devices.

  • Wi-Fi Direct Connectivity

The ImageClass D1550 offers wireless connectivity to help you increase your productivity and work efficiency. It allows you to perform all your printing jobs from almost any room or floor of your office. Furthermore, this MFP monochrome printer comes with an in-built Wi-Fi Direct that is handy in establishing easy connection to numerous mobile devices without having to connect to a router.

  • Canon GENUINE Toner

Canon proudly introduces its GENUINE Toner that helps you enhance image processing and offers accurate character printing and excellent picture quality. The D1550 uses Canon cartridge 120 and Canon GENUINE Toner to produce high quality outputs over and over again.

  • Automatic Duplex Printing

Best Canon Printer for EnterpriseThis Canon MFP does an extremely good job when enabled with automatic duplex printing option. It also refers to two-sided printing without you having to turn the paper over manually. This way you can receive up to 50 two-sided printed sheets (100 sides, in total). Similarly, this feature brilliantly works with ADF while scanning any documents or images. With two-sided scanning, you can process copious documents for converting into OCR or PDF. In the same way, you can also obtain some comparatively advanced copier functionality with this device.

Pros and Cons At A Glance

Why to Buy Canon Lasers Imageclass D1550



  • It’s the Best All-in-One Printer so you can accomplish all your office tasks from one machine.
  • The ImageClass D1550 ensures providing exceptional quality printing, scanning and copying results.
  • It offers a decent print speeds so you can save on time and increase productivity,
  • The MFP is fully loaded with mobile printing and cloud convenience in order to help you extend your reach to a next level of success.
  • With its legal-sized platen glass, you can scan or copy multiple documents of up to legal paper size
  • It’s a high-volume-capable to perform with business-minded individuals.



  • The ImageClass D1550 has a high purchasing price.
  • It is also pricey in term of CPP (cost per page).
  • It has one year limed product and service warranty.


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Final Verdict

Available under $600 price tag, the ImgaeClass D1550 is more common to be called as a “monochrome laser copier” than a laser multifunction printer. It resides on a bumpy middle ground as it has a high initial purchase price for hardware and high cost per page. However, this unit makes sense mainly for those who have a high monthly print volume and need other functionalities like scanning, faxing and copying.

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